Jewelry Care

We care strongly about the quality of our jewelry! All jewelry is made in NYC using 14k gold and natural semi-precious stones.  Certain stones are more delicate than others and require additional care.  Here are a few tips from J&J to help keep your pieces beautiful for generations to come.


  • Store jewelry in a jewelry box or your J&J suede travel pouch
  • Remove jewelry when possible before showering, applying lotion or hitting the gym, beach or pool.  
  • Give your jewelry a good shine- use a polishing cloth to buff out wear-  or depending on the stones, use a mixture of warm water and a couple drops of Dawn dishwashing liquid.  Let your jewelry soak for a few minutes, scrub if necessary with a soft toothbrush, then dry with a soft, lint free cloth. 
  • Avoid ultrasonic cleaners- they can be too harsh for some softer stones such as tanzanite, coral, pearls and emeralds.