My New York adventure started in the personal shopping and buying departments at Bergdorf Goodman.  I loved being in the heart of the city and surrounded by not only beautiful fashion and accessory collections but also bold and motivated fashion influencers. 
Ultimately, I felt something was missing from my daily life. I was craving an artistic outlet while also wanting to grow a business.  I decided to explore my passion for gemstones and jewelry and take a jewelry design class at the Gemological Institute of America in NYC, where I ultimately became a certified graduate gemologist. 
I have a great love for the romance and detailed artistry of antique and vintage jewelry.  I am inspired by the contrasts between the hand-made, imperfect style of the old and the bustling modernity of my Brooklyn life.  These contrasting influences are what make Juniper & June's designs both intricate and simple- ornate in the details yet refined as a whole.  
My hope is when you wear my pieces you feel both timeless and bold, accented but not lost- your most beautiful self.